The Internet is facing a major transition in the coming months. The current IP addressing system for communication devices – called IPv4 – will, over time, be fully replaced by a new IPv6 protocol. This is due to the proliferation of networked devices that require an IP address for communication. Smart appliances, tablets, GPS, smartphones, gaming consoles, PDAs and a wide-range of other network-enabled devices all require unique IP addresses.

The migration to the IPv6 protocol is not something that will happen overnight. In fact, BelI will continue to support IPv4 in parallel with IPv6 for some time.

However, the time for planning IPv6 migration is now. As we move forward, an increasing number of devices will be supported only by the IPv6 platform. Therefore, organizations will need to undertake significant up-front planning today to address a number of potential issues, including security and network modifications.

Below, we offer you several resources to help you prepare for the transition:

IPv6 solutions for your business
The idea of implementing an IPv6 migration can be confusing and daunting for many. While IPv6 migration is not a simple task, Bell can help you build and execute a roadmap that is effective, efficient and in keeping with your needs and timelines.
Learn how Bell professional services can support your IPv6 migration

A starter kit for the new Internet – 5 things you need to know about IPv6 to begin planning now
To help you get ready, this resource addresses five fundamental questions about IPv6, and offers tips to help you minimize costs and ensure a smooth transition.
Download the IPv6 starter kit

An in-depth look at IPv6 and what it means to your business
This presentation provides a deeper dive into IPv6 including: What it is, why it's happening, how it impacts businesses, key transition considerations and benefits, the benefits of a phased approach, and how Bell can support you during your transition.
Download the IPv6 presentation

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